CUSP is an approved FaHCSIA provider.  

CUSP is a mobile, home based, early intervention provider that heavily focuses on parent training using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, which is based in the Sydney Metropolitan and Greater Sydney region. CUSP works with children ranging between 18 months to 7 years of age who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Developmental Delays. 

Each child’s program is assessed, designed, delivered and analysed by a highly qualified Program Designer, who oversees the entire program. The Program Designer works closely with the parents during all phases of the program. The goals are chosen from areas identified during the initial start-up assessment (which covers a spectrum of developmental domains including, language, cognition, motor skills, social skills, personal independence, alongside behaviour targeted for reduction and increase) and those identified by the parents as priority.

One to one sessions

As CUSP recognises the value and importance of the parents’ involvement to the success of the child’s program, we require a commitment of 7 hours a week from at least one parent or a combination of both, to conduct the targeted goals in the home setting. Parents have the option to add therapists to the team, in order to build towards the recommended 20 hours a week. CUSP does not operate under a tiered system of senior and junior therapists who deliver the program that the supervisor designs, instead CUSP allocates one highly qualified Program Designer to each family, allowing more versatility in program modification on the spot, in weekly sessions.  Weekly sessions with the Program Designer accelerate the opportunity to progress skills in a more effective and efficient manner. 

Start-up 6 sessions:

The Program Designer will conduct Initial Consultation in the family home.
The Program Designer will conduct assessment in the family home.
The Program Designer will conduct parent and team training in the family home.

Ongoing Program:

The Program Designer works directly (designing, delivering and analysing goals in the home) with parents on each child’s program for 3 hours a week. The Program Designer will also train any additional therapist, required to join the team, on an ongoing basis.